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Tim Millett
Published by Tim Millett
08 October 2013

It has been well documented that strong leaders promote a strong business. Good leaders will manage their role effectively, they will create a strong, positive team morale and they will actively set a good example for that team.

There may be certain leadership qualities inherent in some people, but those aspects only make up part of the whole.

Leadership training is essential to help your managers become the best leaders they can be as it will improve on and complement their natural abilities. Some of the basic concepts in leadership training are:

  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building
  • Administration Skills

These essential concepts should be part of any effective leadership-training course. Effective leadership is about balancing the need to achieve goals with the need to nurture the team.

1. Time Management

Being able to effectively manage your time is possibly one of the most valuable skill a leader can posses. A manager has many claims on their time and they need to be able to prioritise their time across their many and varied tasks and commitments. Not only does a manager have to carry out their own job but they also have to manage the work processes and progress of their team. Training will teach a manager how to manage their time to work pro-actively instead of reactively to the demands and requirements of their role. This is taught by discussing methods such as goal setting and task management.

2. Communication Skills

Communicating effectively can be learnt and mastered with the help of training. Learning to communicate productively will help in all areas of management. It will improve your negotiation skills. It will improve your relationship with your team and it will improve your productivity. By being able to verbalise and express exactly what you want, you will have fewer misunderstandings. By working on your communicative style you will be able to appeal and relate more effectively with your colleagues, subordinates and clients.

3. Team Building

Being good with people is a natural skill and many managers possess this. Participating in leadership training however, will help you learn more about how to use your people skills to better achieve certain goals. Training will also teach you why certain tactics work. Building team morale is extremely important to the success of your role as manager and leader. Improved morale will reflect positively on you and it will augment your team’s productivity and will ultimately benefit the company.

4. Administration Skills

Some aspects of leadership training will teach you how to better manage your every day tasks and presentations. By mastering these daily tasks, you will improve productivity and gain a better understanding and control over your immediate work load. By knowing and understanding your work processes, not only will you benefit, but you will able to pass on this information to your team. This will help them achieve better results and present you as a proactive, capable leader.

By investing in leadership training for your management team, you will see improvements in productivity, morale, efficiency and the capabilities of your managers and teams. Training will teach leaders how to improve their time management, communication, administration and team building skills.

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